About Us

At Chapter One, we have grown from 14 to 50+ members in just a few short years.

We take pride in retaining our talent - many of our members celebrating 5 and 10 year anniversaries - while continually minting new members. Our referrals are like currency, and at Chapter One we print this currency with an average closing rate of over 70%. Those are our stats, but to experience who we are - our caring leadership, camaraderie, rousing motivational moments, meaningful introductions, shared passions for what we do and how we help one another - come see for yourself! We welcome all guests, from the New York metro area, nationally, and internationally, especially now that we are temporarily meeting virtually.

Executive Team

Roy Fenichel, Esq.
Vice President: Jay Zimner, Esq.
Treasurer: Michael Goldfine, CPA
Membership: Abby Friedman, David Goldstein, David Sachs, Joe Gordon, Stephanie Wilson
Design & Creative Strategy: Wayne Wolf
Technology: Thomas West, Ph. D.
Digital Content & Social Media: Jennifer Mirsky
Photography: Brett Deutsch
Speakers of the House:  Margaret Enloe, Esq., Stephanie Wilson
Lead Guest Host: Tom Costagliola
Guest Host Committee: Christopher Milazzo, Esq., Stavros Sitinas, Esq., Wayne Wolf, Larry Patterson, Margaret Enloe, Esq.

Events Committee: Abby Friedman